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Interesting Facts You Should Know About the Argyle Pink Diamond People say that pearls are a girl’s best friend. In as much as this is true, diamonds tend to compete favorably for a Lady’s attention Nevertheless, even men sometimes obsess over these precious stones. After all, they bring with them a touch of class and sophistication when worn. Diamonds are special types of stones that come in unique varieties. Diamonds have been mined for several number of years. Each stone is usually priced depending on factors such as shape, size and carats. The pink diamond is the focus of this particular article and highlighted herein are some interesting facts that will blow your mind. They Are Exclusively Found in Australia These pink diamonds are indigenously Australian, meaning you’d have to plan a trip Down Under if you wanted one. The diamonds are mined at the Argyle diamond mine in Australia, which is the largest source of pink diamonds in the world. This is the production source of more than 90% of the world’s natural pink diamonds. However only a single percent of the entire output consists of these pink diamonds. This means that out of the one million rough diamonds that are mined only one carat of the pink diamond is sellable .
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They are Extremely Rare
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One of the rarest stones in the world is definitely the pink diamond. Out of all the diamonds produced in the world, it is so rare that it only accounts for a mere one percent. This kind of rareness is comparable to a needle in a haystack. In addition to this, one ought to know that you can only find the most rare varieties being sold via tenders that come up yearly. Moreover, every individual who wishes to access the tenders can only participate in the auctions if they have a special invitation. The high value placed on these diamonds is as a result of how exceptional they are. They have such a high value to a point that their cost appreciates with time. One can look at it as an investment. This means that if you have purchased one today, you can end up selling it at a higher price than the buying price. They are in High Demand The demand and supply curves for this particular diamonds are out of this world. Their rareness makes their demand rate quite high. This makes their price and value increase at an equally fast rate. In addition to this, the natural pink diamond market is very strong and highly reliable. This is evident in the 35% price rise over the last one year. The 1 to 1.5 carat pink diamonds have a higher demand in the market and are more expensive. One can gauge the demand by considering the size, purity and quality of the diamond. The Diamonds Come In Different Shades of Pink One of the coolest things about these diamonds is that they have varying shades. This is great because it allows men to be able to wear the slightly darker shades that are nearly red in color.