Higher Education Options

Everyone has probably heard that gaining a college degree benefits life after high school. Today this couldn’t be more true as more employers are now requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher in order to be considered for a position. Earning a degree almost always increases the annual earnings an individual makes compared to someone without a degree. These two factors are the driving force behind why so many people are now earning their degrees online.

Higher education directly follows secondary education or high school. With today’s advancements in technology and Internet usage individuals can now choose to gain an education online. More colleges and universities are adding degree programs online and this is having a positive increase on the number of individuals who can earn a degree. The options for online schooling include a wide range of jobs and careers. Students need to carefully think about what program will fit their chosen career and research if the online school they’re interested in is accredited. These two preliminary steps will ensure that the education earned is correct and legitimate in the professional workplace. This will allow students to follow their passions into an online classroom.

Online schools offer diplomas and certificates through specific coursework. Diplomas and certificates on average can be earned in three to six months. The length of a program will depend heavily on the subject of the program. For example, students can enter certificate programs for business in fields like marketing and accounting. Certificate programs for business are short and extremely focused allowing students to finish in one to two months. Most individuals who enroll in a diploma program are learning a trade like becoming an auto mechanic. On the other hand most individuals who enroll in a certificate program are career professionals who need to learn the latest technology or technique in their field.

An associate’s degree is typically a one to two year program designed to teach individuals the foundational information required to work inside a particular field. Most colleges require an individual to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours. A degree at this level can prepare a student to enter assistant and entry-level jobs. The coursework from an associate’s, in many cases, is directly transferable into a bachelor’s degree. Higher education at this level requires students to complete 120-128 credit hours. Course load may change depending on the program and online school being attended. Students can enter online programs in advertising, aviation, computer science, marketing, web design, and more.

Students who earn a master’s degree or a PhD typically want to step into upper-level careers. Upper-level careers may include teaching or becoming an executive within an organization. Most online master’s degree programs last two to three years. Students will study on average five years to gain their PhD. Even though the timeline is longer at the graduate level the financial benefits are large. Earning a master’s or a PhD significantly raises annual salary potential. Online education at this level benefits the student because most students in these programs also work full time jobs.